[Sugar-devel] [Design]: Issue SL 2164 (Downgrading activities not allowed)

Shanjit Singh Jajmann shanjit at seeta.in
Mon Oct 11 15:47:07 EDT 2010


I am currently working on issue #2164 (
http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2164 ) . Send my revised patch for review a
few minutes ago. Wish to thank Aleksey for his feedback and reviews.

In reference to Aleksey's comment on my patch yesterday -

>What about less invasive implementation, ie, instead of changing three
>files, it could be only popping up an alert in AlreadyInstalledException
>try..except block, misc.py is a part of Journal and raising an alert
>from it, sounds reasonable.

We have arrived at two approaches towards enabling this feature -

1. Instead of calling misc.resume in Listview  and then emitting the signal
to JournalActivity. Creating JournalActivty.resume , having the exact same
functionality as misc.resume. and calling it from listview.py and
implementing alertbox from there. We would then not be calling
misc.resume in Listview  and emitting the signal to JournalActivity, which
happens at this juncture in the code.

2. Replacing misc.resume to JournalActivity.resume everywhere, where ever
called.( in all files). Appropriate importing of methods and files will be
required to do this.

Wish if you could share your recommendations on the above two approaches -

Appreciate your support and feedback.


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