[Sugar-devel] Bug update on ticket no 2080 (Pulsing icon delayed by 5 seconds)

Anurag Chowdhury anurag at seeta.in
Sun Oct 10 13:50:04 EDT 2010

Daniel, Bernie and James,

Appreciate your pointers. Indeed very helpful. Thank you.

I tried to reduce the processing load just before the rendering of the first
frame in this workflow, and looked for the processor intensive parts
(intensive calculations or long recursive function calls) where any possible
reduction in the processing may speed up the loading of the pulsing icon. I
studied the files as pointed by Bernie (thank you for the explanation) and
found the animation aspect to be constituted of only two frames - EASE_IN
and EASE_OUT, which take place in an ordered repetitive manner.

I was unable to arrive at a solution that was specific to the first frame
with the documentation and explanations available. Wish if you could share
pointers and strategy on how processor load could be lowered with emphasis
on first frame. I suspect that it should lie in jarabe.view.launcher where
the animation starts, but have been unable to arrive at an approach for it.
Looking forward to your feedback.

In reference to the questions on the patch submitted, I tried to reduce the
delay by reducing the frame computation of the first five frames. Apologies
that I did not consider the processing load that is encountered before the
startup of the first frame of the animation of the pulsing icon.

Appreciate your support and feedback.

Research Engineer
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