[Sugar-devel] [soas][devel] Is it time to add "install to HD" as a 2nd line on boot menu of the Soas .iso?

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sat Oct 9 11:07:21 EDT 2010

In testing Soas in Nightly Composes I keep running into a problem with 
making the CD as a live CD and including features only needed for a 
liveinst install with Anaconda:

*1_) Running as booted LiveCD:*
Pop up for keychain password is unnecessary :
Current  behavior of booting live CD  (This occurs on every boot):
boots to Name______ pops up enter keychain password 7+times (does not 
appear to work but must be entered at least once to work) then it lets 
soas run [1] <http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2339> f14(Laughlin) 
Sugar   on a stick 4 Sugar 0.90.0 (Mango Lassi); use of color selector 
in CP/about me causes loss of f1 Jabber connectivity [2] 
<http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2395> This occurs if you do not enter 
keychain password at 1st pop up login and when doing restart.

*2_)liveinst to HD (USB/SD):*
Starting HD install for first time:
Firstboot; smolt; user name and password; login at gdm using user name 
and password. Enter password for keychain; F3-ring of sugar.
2nd start of HD;
login at gdm with username and password. Go to f3 Ring Sugar. If you 
restart; go to gdm login screen username and password; F3-ring of sugar.

I suggest it is time to add *"Install to HD"* as the 2nd line on the 
grub boot menu of Soas. This would call liveinst directly (maybe with a 
Then we could have different behavior for the first boot menu line which 
is Basically the

*"Try Soas with out touching Hard Drive" *

This option is currently offered by Ubuntu, openSUSE-edu, Trisquel etc.

This would require having  a different  build for running the LiveCD. 
removing; among others?;Keychain; anaconda: firstboot; firstboot-smolt, 
from the programs installed for liveCD use.

We would then be more in line with what other distributions do, and 
solve current problems with the .iso builds.

(An alternative would to be issue 2 Soas.iso's; an install and a live CD 
with different builds to address these issues)

Tom Gilliard

[1] http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2339
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