[Sugar-devel] chooser/datastore documentation

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Fri Oct 8 16:48:12 EDT 2010

This information would help me as well.

Art Hunkins

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>I am struggling with getting my activities to behave in consistent
> ways when using the chooser and datastore.find() between Sugar 0.84
> and more recent Sugar versions. (For example, I cannot get find() to
> process mime-type query in 0.84 but it will handle a title query. The
> exact opposite seems to be true in 0.90. Of course, I could be doing
> it all wrong.) Similarly, I cannot get what_filter to work with
> non-GENERIC mime types, but that again could be user error. (I am
> trying to choose only Python objects, for example.)
> I've searched unsuccessfully for documentation on what works in which
> versions. Does such documentation exist somewhere?
> thanks.
> -walter
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