[Sugar-devel] "Make Your Own Sugar Activites!" is on the Internet Archive

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 12:25:37 EDT 2010

A few people (everyone who tried) had trouble downloading the free PDF
of "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" from Lulu.  I have tried to
contact the tech support team on Lulu to get this straightened out.

In the interim I have also posted a full color PDF using the same
style sheet and page size the book uses on the Internet Archive.  It
isn't showing up in searches yet but you should be able to download it


The OBJAVI software used by FLOSS Manuals should be able to create an
EPUB, although I've never tried it.  When I have a chance I'll try
that too and if it looks good I'll make that format part of this entry
as well.

James Simmons

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