[Sugar-devel] Trac: added "1.0" milestone

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-3 at silbe.org
Mon Oct 4 08:10:50 EDT 2010


I just added a "1.0" milestone to Trac and used it for a ticket. The
intended meaning is "we should change (or at least look at) this before
we declare the API 'stable' (whatever that means ;) )". If anyone has
a better name for that milestone we can rename it. Similarly, if we
decided to call the next release (that would be 0.92) 1.0 because of
the API break Gnome forced on us, we can rename it to 2.0.
It's only meant to be used for things that affect API, especially
activity API.


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