[Sugar-devel] Advice request: XO sound recording

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Sun Oct 3 20:26:51 EDT 2010

Thanks, James. I'll be following up on these suggestions.

Art Hunkins
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There is a chapter called "Fun With The Journal" which has examples of
listing out Journal entries.  What you need to do is figure out what
the MIME type of the Ogg entries in the Journal are and write code to
list them.  Then you can put the entries in a GTK table and select
them from there.  You might find the code in View Slides instructive
for that.  I have a horizontal pane that opens up that lists out
Journal entries that have MIME types associated with image files, and
View Slides lets you add these to the slideshow as well as extract
slides from the show as Journal entries that have an appropriate MIME
type.  Between the code for View Slides and "Fun With The Journal" you
should be able to come up with something workable.  The "Sugar
Commander" Activity might be worth playing with too.

Good luck with this.

James Simmons

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