[Sugar-devel] #306 Mirror arrow icons when running in RTL mode

Anubhav Aggarwal anubhav at seeta.in
Sat Oct 2 15:34:05 EDT 2010


Patches have been been uploaded for the bug SL #306(Mirror arrow icons when
running in RTL mode
are 4 different patches refletion changes in 5 different files.
There are multiple patches because there are toolbars of different
activities that needs to be modified.

This patch inserts a if condition in the intiallization of the the class of
the toolbar.Which check for the direction of
the language is right to left or left to right thus reverting the buttons of
toolbar (in the case of rtl )

 Activity ----------------------  File
--------------------------------------------------------------- Patches

1.write                  /source/write/toolbar.py

2.log                     /source/log/logviewer.py

3.Browse              /source/browse/edittoolbar.py

4.Read                /source/read/readtoolbar.py

Wish if the patches could be reviewed.

Looking forward to your feedback

Thank you
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