[Sugar-devel] Fwd: making patches and sending email using git-email

Ishan Bansal ishan at seeta.in
Fri Oct 1 13:58:23 EDT 2010


Important steps to be completed before making and sending patches-

1. Do remember to keep the system updated as there are some packages which
might not be installed and later on will create problems.

2. To do the git email configuration for your system refer to
    After setting up git-email do send a test mail to any of the members to
check for its working.

3. Before making a patch always use command git diff. It would show you the
changes which you have made. This would give you a idea on whether there are
any undesired changes present
   since the same thing is reflected in the patch.

4. Once you send the patch at sugar-devel be quick in responding to the
suggestions and changes suggested by developers. Remember to add the correct
patch version to the email while
    sending through git send-email.
    For eg  git send-email --annotate --to "ishanseeta.in"
0001-Specified-bundle-id-for-read-activity-Ticket-2170.patch can be run to
edit the message being sent to sugar-devel
    For the correct way to do add patch version refer to


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