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Mon Mar 15 02:42:15 EDT 2010

the huge amount of time required to properly achieved all the steps of the
current process. In general, that amount of time is not available for
deployment developers. Please, keep in mind that deployments do more than
only Sugar devel, but yet we should encourage them to contribute to the
Sugar design and to the mainline code base as much as possible.

I am not suggesting to eliminate the current process, I am just saying
that we should define clear parameters that could help to minimize the
current bottle necks generated by the current number of
maintainers/reviewers and the difficulties of agreement at the coding and
designing stages, respectively.

> Another idea would be a mailing list where early versions of patches are
> posted and can get some (incomplete) review. This would allow
> contributors to get fast & easy feedback with a limited amount of time
> spent for the reviewers. Reviews could just point out a subset of
> a thorough review and deciding whether it's good enough to be merged
> would happen like above.


This could be helpful as a pre-design stage for upstream features.

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> Sascha
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