[Sugar-devel] SoaS update?

Sebastián Codas scs at paraguayeduca.org
Thu Mar 25 23:31:57 EDT 2010

Hello devel and SoaS members,
I will introduce myself, I work in the Caacupé deployment and am  
working also on setting up one to one learning projects elsewhere in  
Paraguay. I really believe in the SoaS idea and have been testing it  
with teachers and community leaders here in Paraguay on their desktops  
and laptops, mainly as part of our promotional efforts but also  
sporadically in various Sugar crash courses. Overall it works great,  
in fact when I ask them directly first time users often tell me they  
would like to install Sugar on a partition in their computer, since  
USB drives are still a precious commodity. Notwithstanding this  
initial "love" I sense in people, I constantly observe small quirks  
here and there... I have reported some of these problems to Bernie  
Innocenti, a frequent visitor to Caacupé, who has told me they would  
likely be fixed with an update. I am not technical but would like to  
know if there is a roadmap towards which we could contribute or  
anything Bernie or us can do here in Paraguay to improve or maintain  
SoaS. We have programmers and many volunteers and certainly many  
potential users who I believe would endorse SoaS and work on it very  

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