[Sugar-devel] [MINUTES] Development team meeting --- 8. Mar 2010 (14:00 UTC)

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net
Mon Mar 8 10:22:37 EST 2010


the development team has just had one more meeting, minutes:

09:45:49 	ACTION 	tomeu 	alsroot to make a new datastore release in
the 0.86 branch
09:48:24 	ACTION 	tomeu 	Tomeu to go through his review queue tomorrow
09:53:02 	ACTION 	tomeu 	silbe will look at the fsync tickets
09:53:32 	ACTION 	tomeu 	alsroot to look at his review queue soonish
09:59:28 	ACTION 	tomeu 	silbe to look at a report that is sent
automatically every week noting which tickets are in the review queue
and for long. also spot tickets that have been in r! for too long and
may be stuck
10:14:42 	ACTION 	tomeu 	tomeu to find out which new dependencies we
have because of the 3g stuff

People Present:

   1. tomeu
   2. silbe
   3. alsroot
   4. Daniel_C

and log: http://me.etin.gs/sugar-meeting/sugar-meeting.log.20100308_0915.html

Next one in two weeks unless someone wants to propose an extraordinary
meeting before.



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