[Sugar-devel] Keep confusion -- round N+1

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Thu Jun 24 04:02:55 EDT 2010

On 06/23/2010 10:49 PM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> It probably needs to be complemented by an option in the Journal to
> add a "duplicate this document", and Home View changes to make it
> clearer/easier to open a new activity without reopening the last
> document.

We actually did a lot of work on this in the last release cycle with the 
design team on making a better separation between resume and start new 
in the Journal. After making tests [1] in deployments for "start new" 
vs. "resume" we concluded that the way activity starting works on the 
iPhone would probably work well in Sugar, too [2].

In any case, we have been working on this topic so hard during the last 
release cycle, would be great it we conclude something from that 
discussion at make it an action item.


[2] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/File:Sugar_resume_vs_start_new.jpg

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