[Sugar-devel] [Design] Deleting Activity directory when deleting Activity bundle

Frederick Grose fgrose at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 15:41:29 EDT 2010

This ticket has some important discussion that was proposed for airing on
the mailing list.

There are patches under review that would delete learner data, perhaps

An Activity bundle is deleted from the Home list view bundle pallet by
invoking the 'Erase' menu action.

A 'Confirm erase' alert dialog appears that asks if you want to permanently
erase the Activity (bundle). It provides a negative 'Keep' and positive
'Erase' button.

For the proposed patch, to prevent the unwitting loss of Activity profile
data or other content that may be stored in the Activity directory, an
option checkbox should be added, such as, (check) erase all associated data,
which could default to yes (checked).

Without this, Learners may unexpectedly delete content that they downloaded
at some expense, or be forced to reset profile preferences.

If there isn't time to implement this data protection feature for the
upcoming Dextrose release, we should not forget to provide this feature for
all future learners (who may not have the same storage and usability
constraints that prompted this patch).

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