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Daniel posted this on devel at lists.laptop.org (

On 20 July 2010 12:33, Reuben K. Caron <reuben at laptop.org> wrote:

> So what if we created a "Library Activity"

> The activity would:

> -Open a book from within the activity

> -Highlight and annotate books

> -List all of the books you have downloaded

> -Allow you to search and download additional books from Feed Books,

> Internet Archive, the XS, etc..

> -List the resources in /home/olpc/Library (so this can be removed from

> Browse)

> -Allow one to synchronously or asynchronously share a book to their

> Neighborhood so anyone can download and read it.

> I'd argue that some of this is duplication of functionality that

belongs (or already is) in the Journal and the Read activity, having

such a design might kill some UI complications but add others.

> Parts of your concerns could be addressed with some ideas I wrote here:


> I agree that this definitely merits further design/discussion.

> Daniel

Concerning the Journal, Gary commented (

I'd lean towards improving the Journal with a grid view and background
> sharing, as it could provide much the same thing for _all_ activities not
> just books (Alekseys Library was along this vector, as are I think his plans
> for future Journal). Journal is really in need of love, and a plan, for so
> long now :)

> Regards,

> --Gary

Walter and others have commented at

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