[Sugar-devel] Calculate bug, help!

Gary C Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 19 00:11:33 EDT 2010

Hi Reinier,

Help! :)

I've burnt a week of misc free time trying to untangle this deg/rad bug, but it's a nightmare for me and I seem to have got nowhere. Any hints much appreciated:


After much poking I discovered you implemented some type of custom plugin system (in the rather scary AstParser class) for the 'functions.py' and 'constants.py' code, which seems to do some magic import tricks that seem to prevent obvious access to accessing the 'functions.py' variable _angle_scaling from the outside, and/or blocking the 'functions.py' plugin code from accessing that value from the outside. The toolbar code changes the angle_scaling property in the MathLib class, but that value is never used by the actual imported AstParser function calls, and I've found no way to access the actuall deg/rad scaling value to change it from the outside.

Thanks for any hints.


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