[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Restart

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Fri Jul 16 08:40:06 EDT 2010

bernie wrote:
 > People in Paraguay complained for the removal of the Restart function
 > from Sugar 0.88:
 >  http://trac.paraguayeduca.org/ticket/672
 > I suspect it's just natural user resistance to any UI change, so I asked
 > for rationale.
 > The change was requested by dsd, also without any good rationale to
 > justify it:
 >  http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1206

i'm was far more surprised by moving shutdown to the top of that
menu (i use the control panel a lot more than shutdown) than i was
by the removal of restart.

are the releases you're user-testing running powerd?  if so, it's the
first large-scale usage of the new suspend-or-shutdown menu, so i'm
interested in reaction to that.  for instance -- is shutdown really
the most often used menu item, now that the machine can be shut down
with the power button?  and i know you have idle suspend disabled
otherwise i'd be interested in hearing about the timeouts associated
with those.


 > I'm posting this for public discussion of this design issue, but I
 > suspect the discussion will not go anywhere without some user data. When
 > I'm back to Paraguay, I will ask my testers who have been using 0.88 for
 > 3 weeks how they feel about all the UI changes:
 >  * Buddy menu reorder (control panel last)
 >  * Removal of restart
 >  * palette open delay shortened to 0 seconds (experimental)
 >  * frame hot corners disabled by default (experimental)
 > Anything else we would like feedback on?
 > This story IMHO brings back the long-debated topic of testing UI changes
 > with users. There's a chicken-and-egg problem, of course: we can't do
 > user testing until we write the code, apply the patch, build binaries
 > and install them on a statistically significant portion of our
 > user-base.
 > In my opinion, we should let dubious UI changes happen and revert them
 > if we get negative feedback: taking the risk to piss off a few
 > early-adopters is the only way to avoid a design paralysis.
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