[Sugar-devel] copy-to-journal

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Jan 15 13:03:36 EST 2010

On 15.01.2010, at 17:07, Gary C Martin wrote:
> On 15 Jan 2010, at 15:34, Walter Bender wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:09 AM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
>>> Yes, it's maddening that copy-to-journal forces you to type that, when a simple call to gvfs-info (or its pythonesk incantation) would guess correctly most of the time (*).
>> Bert,
>> Is there a ticket open on this? If not, maybe there should be?

It's open for a long time, even has a proposed fix:


> There has been a version of copy-to-journal kicking around the laptop wiki for quite some time (pre 8.2 I think), I was never sure why this improvement never made it into a release. Used to work well for me, but perhaps bit rotted somewhat by now (haven't tested it lately), here's the .py:
> 	http://dev.laptop.org/git/users/phil/support-scripts/tree/copy-to-journal

Interesting. However, it does not use gvfs as Sugar does internally (like when Sugar guesses the mimetypes on a USB stick). Instead it relies on "file", mislabeling Etoys projects as "application/zip". Also, it should guess by default. Which the fix proposed in the ticket above does, IIUC.

- Bert -

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