[Sugar-devel] Experimental work... updated.

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Wed Apr 28 10:57:25 EDT 2010

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 10:46:05PM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
>> I particularly like that I can test sugar*-0.88 directly on my XO by running
>> something comparable to
>>   yum install git-core gcc glibc-devel make vim
>>   git clone git://dev.laptop.org/users/mstone/sugar; cd sugar
>>   make xo-builddeps
>>   env PREFIX=/usr ./configure
>>   make; make install
> All these steps worked on XO-1.5 os121.


> but the next step escapes me.

I was testing on os201; I haven't updated the XO yet. This may be the cause of
the difference.

> At the moment, olpc-session starts, Sugar starts with the nickname
> prompt, but doesn't proceed beyond colour choice dialog.

The color choice dialog doesn't load very much of the sugar codebase.

The "doesn't proceed beyond" behavior strongly suggests that an exception is
being thrown.

> Looking at logs, presence service isn't sticking around once it is
> launched by D-Bus.  I couldn't find any logs of the failure.

You couldn't find logs of the failure because olpc-dm is redirecting stdout and
stderr to /dev/null.

Fortunately, olpc-utils rebuilds easily on the XO as soon as its builddep,
ConsoleKit-devel, is installed.

   (Just run "make -f Makefile.build; make -f Makefile.build install".)

Then you can redirect the stdout/stderr output to the log file of your choice
or, as I do, you can run /etc/X11/prefdm manually.

   (To enable this, I usually tell /etc/event.d/prefdm to run /bin/true and to
   not restart, thereby dropping me off at the virtual terminals on each

Also, alternately, you can install Xephyr and use it from Gnome or raw
X+metacity to find out what's going on.

> Looking at an strace of a startx with .xinitrc containing olpc-session,
> the presence service isn't passing "import decorator", so I'll look into
> that.  Maybe it needs another package.

Entirely possible.

> Oh, and the colour choice XO icon wasn't there.  Just the "click to
> change" message, back and forward buttons.

Thanks for the report; I'll see if I can produce the same behavior.


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