[Sugar-devel] Did someone say Webkit?

Lucian Branescu lucian.branescu at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 18:29:26 EDT 2010

This is part of why I think having an abstraction layer is more
important than having a complete pywebkitgtk browser activity.

I would be even cooler if Read could also use this abstraction layer for epub.

On 26 April 2010 21:10, Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 2:18 PM, Lucian Branescu
> <lucian.branescu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> There already is a mostly complete pywebkitgtk activity, Surf.
>> There has been a lot of debate on whether webkit is better than gecko
>> for our purposes. I also plan to only support what is reasonably easy
>> to support and let the abstraction layer be leaky.
>> This way, the new Browse can much more easily be ported to another web
>> engine if needed. In fact, as the abstraction layer grows more
>> complete, Browse can be 'ported' to the rest of the abstraction layer
>> (as opposed to AbstractBrowser+hulahop events which would be the first
>> step).
> Something which concerns me is the relative lack of maintainer
> activity for pywebkitgtk. For example,
> http://code.google.com/p/pywebkitgtk/issues/detail?id=44 lists an
> issue which was reported in December last year, and there has been no
> feedback on it (there is a proposed patch as well). The fix for the
> issue would help address a few crashers in Read in F-12 and above.
> Of course, as we move to gobject-introspection and friends, this
> should become less of a concern.
> Thanks,
> Sayamindu
>> On 26 April 2010 03:20, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:
>>> On Sun, 2010-04-25 at 18:07 +0100, Lucian Branescu wrote:
>>>> My GSoC project involves building an abstraction layer above
>>>> pywebkitgtk/hulahop (wiki/AbstractBrowser).
>>>> While the project itself isn't related, this abstraction layer and one
>>>> of it's lower layers (i.e. pywebkitgtk) would become a dependency of
>>>> the sugar toolkit.
>>> Very interesting. Would your work make it possible to switch the Browse
>>> activity from XPCOM to Webkit?
>>> If there were no loss of features, would it be easier for you to switch
>>> the Browse activty from hulahop to pywebkitgtk without developing an
>>> abstraction framework for both?
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