[Sugar-devel] Support for EPUB with Read in sugar-jhbuild?

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 23:21:35 EDT 2010

I'm doing another FLOSS Manual on e-books and Sugar and one of the
things I'd like to do is get some screen shots of the Read Activity
reading an EPUB e-book.  I modified Get Internet Archive Books to
download EPUBs and that seems to work OK, but when I try to launch
Read on one of them it fails to start and complains of a missing
adapter.  As I remember it, EPUB support depended on something called
webkit, something like that, that was an alternative to gecko.  There
was some discussion here on whether we should support both that and
gecko.  So I have two questions:

1). How do I get Read as delivered by sugar-jhbuld to work with EPUBs?

2). Does Read support EPUBs on SoaS right now?  If not, what are our
future plans regarding EPUB support?

James Simmons

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