[Sugar-devel] Impressive Summary of Sri Lanka's Testing Efforts

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Thu Apr 15 10:05:38 EDT 2010

    Subject:  	Re: [Testing] OLPC- SL Testing Summary
Date: 	Thu, 15 Apr 2010 18:33:12 +0530
From: 	Chamindra de Silva <chamindra at opensource.lk>
To: 	Karthika Karunanithy <kar8315 at yahoo.com>
CC: 	testing at lists.laptop.org

Oops looks like the columns got shifted a bit. I am pasting it again in 
the email (but it is there on the spreadsheet if this does not render well).

According to this OS116 is quite stable and OS802B5/OS13 needs 
improvements. Can you also explain why there are so many on hold (or 
blocked) in OS802B5?

*Execution Summary* 	*Over All Coverage* 	*OS802B5 Coverage (XO-1)
* 	*F11/OS13 Coverage (XO-1)
* 	*OS116 Coverage (XO-1.5)
Total Pass 	1518 	397 	478 	643
Total Fail 	57 	7 	36 	14
No of On Hold 	59 	56 	2 	1
Total Test case 	1638 	460 	520 	658
%Completed 	*96.15* 	*87.83* 	*98.85* 	*99.85*
% Pass 	*92.67* 	*86.3* 	*91.92* 	*97.72*

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