[Sugar-devel] [FEATURE] Activity as a regular Journal Object request for inclusion to 0.88

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Mon Nov 30 21:22:45 EST 2009

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 07:18:47PM -0500, Walter Bender wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 2:54 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> > 2009/11/30 Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com>:
> >> This isn't quite accurate. We've been adding some pre-loaded content
> >> to the Journal for quite some time now,
> >
> > Are you sure? Or are you referring to a manual process that you do in
> > certain deployments?
> >
> > I have yet to see a sugar installation that comes with a non-empty
> > journal. And also I can't think of any non-horrible way that you'd be
> > able to hook into the sugar profile creation stages to pre-provide the
> > content, even if I did like the idea.
> Many deployments are doing this in some fashion or another. It is
> currently an ugly kludge. This proposal will presumable make it less
> ugly and less kludgy, but it is undoubtedly useful.
> >> and some activities (as you
> >> noted, Turtle Art) have been adding content to the Journal as well.
> >
> > This is the only one I'm aware of, and it was a big surprise, to the
> > extent that I filed bugs upstream and downstream that were confirmed
> > by other people who also didn't realise this. I also got the
> > impression from you that you don't feel like it is the appropriate
> > place to put it, you just did it because it is the only option.
> On the contrary. I don't like it because it is clumsy to implement and
> manage. Again, this proposal will address that. What I don't like is
> having to keep my examples in the file system and use a file browser
> to retrieve them. It turns out that because they are kept separately,
> people don't find them.

well, there is another proposal which was already mentioned here
so, with this feature implemented, user can create bookmark
"My TurtleArt programs"(with query by activity id)

> I could implement my only browser, a la Pippy,
> but as an activity developer, I would much prefer to use the Journal
> and I suspect our users would prefer that as well.


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