[Sugar-devel] [FEATURE] Activity as a regular Journal Object request for inclusion to 0.88

Wade Brainerd wadetb at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 15:40:30 EST 2009

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 2:58 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> 2009/11/30 Wade Brainerd <wadetb at gmail.com>:
>> I disagree that showing activities in the Journal, in addition to
>> activity instances and MIME objects, will cause confusion.  Many
>> activities are more like content.  Activities can be downloaded,
>> copied, modified, and deleted.  In Sugar terminology, Activities are
>> intended to be verbs while Journal objects are like proper nouns.  But
>> if an activity is a verb, the object which performs the activity can
>> still be a noun.  For example, the word "hammer" is both a noun and a
>> verb.  The noun in the Journal ("Hammer.xo") is an object which
>> enables the verb in the Home view ("Hammer Activity").  It's quite
>> simple.
> I agree. I find it simple too. I'd have no problem with it.
> The problem is when you give it to 6 year olds -- do you also expect
> them to be able to understand this?
> Have you followed the number of problems caused to deployments by the
> activity removal feature that was added to sugar-0.82? The children do
> this because they think they are removing work created with the
> activity.

No, but perhaps we could take this opportunity to reduce this problem...

When deleting an object from the Journal that is an activity bundle,
we ought to display an alert with a scary icon.  The alert should
clearly state that Journal entries will no longer be able to be opened
until the activity is reinstalled.

Really delete Hammer?
If the Hammer activity is deleted, all 14 Hammer entries will no
longer be usable.

Some of the other operations Aleksey mentioned, like upgrading
activities, ought to display similar alerts.


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