[Sugar-devel] Please test out Read 78 and 69

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sun Nov 29 22:38:31 EST 2009

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 03:27:08AM +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
>Apologies for the cross-posting yet again, but I just released Read 69
>for Sugar 0.84 based systems and Read 0.78 for Sugar 0.86 based
>systems. Both contain important fixes for handling footnotes in EPUB
>files (examples of such files can be seen downloaded from
>http://www.feedbooks.com/book/2750 and
>http://www.epubbooks.com/book/24/gulliver's-travels). Footnote support
>in EPUB has been a subject of debate (google for epub footnote to see
>some of the discussions), and hence this has not got much testing.
>If possible, please download these two files and let me know if
>anything odd happens.
>Read can be downloaded from http://activities.sugarlabs.org/

Read v78 fails on Debian, seemingly due to requiring Python 2.6 (Debian 
use Python 2.5:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/sugar/activity/activity.py", 
line 433, in __canvas_map_cb
   File "/usr/share/sugar/activities/Read.activity/readactivity.py", line 
595, in read_file
     self._load_document('file://' + self._tempfile)
   File "/usr/share/sugar/activities/Read.activity/readactivity.py", line 
797, in _load_document
     self._document = epubadapter.EpubDocument(self._view, 
filepath.replace('file://', ''))
   File "/usr/share/sugar/activities/Read.activity/epubadapter.py", line 
47, in __init__
     epubview.Epub.__init__(self, docpath)
   File "/usr/share/sugar/activities/Read.activity/epubview/epub.py", 
line 36, in __init__
     if not self._verify():
   File "/usr/share/sugar/activities/Read.activity/epubview/epub.py", 
line 111, in _verify
     mtypefile = self._zobject.open('mimetype')
AttributeError: ZipFile instance has no attribute 'open'

Kind regards,

  - Jonas

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