[Sugar-devel] Examples in Journal (#1585)

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-ui-sugar-devel at silbe.org
Fri Nov 27 10:48:39 EST 2009

Replying to [comment:3 dsd]:
> I think you should leave this bug open until it is implemented (or 
> until the discussion outcome decides that this is not necessary).
Which is exactly what I did. :)
NEEDINFO just means we need outside action (e.g. mailing list 

> Activity bundles only belong in the journal after the user has put 
> them there. Same for examples, in my opinion.
A friend of mine, Caspar, agrees with you (with had that discussion a 
few weeks ago), but I don't quite do so. Or at least I think it should 
be in the data store and retrievable from it's public API like any other 
content. Where in the UI to show it is a separate matter and I really 
think we should separate Objects and Actions view first.

Let's continue the discussion on the mailing list, please (I'll 
"cross-post" there).

CU Sascha

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