[Sugar-devel] Discrepancy regarding an Activity

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sun Nov 15 15:29:12 EST 2009

2009/11/15 Mohit Taneja <mohitgenii at gmail.com>:
> But still there is a difference between contribution and a fork. To have a
> fork one needs to have some major prior contribution to the project.

I disagree - open source promotes forking. It's fine to do so before
having contributed to the project (and forks often happen precisely
because earlier attempts at contributing were shot down).

As it doesn't seem like these 2 projects are going to work together to
dissolve the fork, all that needs to happen is that one chooses
another name.

As for changing of copyrights, I thought we already noted that the 2nd
version is identical to the first in everything except its packaging
(and now a Spanish translation, it appears).  Are you sure that old
copyright messages have been removed?


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