[Sugar-devel] Discrepancy regarding an Activity

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sun Nov 15 05:58:02 EST 2009

2009/11/15 Mohit Taneja <mohitgenii at gmail.com>:
> Well it seems to be an unmaintained fake release of the original FoodForce2
> game. I guess only the copyrights have been changed. In fact, I went through
> the their homepage and saw that this organization is into doing such things
> only, they copy source code of open source activities, do minor tweaks and
> then upload it by their own credits.

Well they have certainly contributed some new activities to Sugar
which I assume are their own, but this is indeed a bit odd. Is this
really the first you've heard of this fork?

The page says:

Food Force II activity beta-version was released on May 8, 2009 with
great success (http://blog.laptop.org/2009/05/08/food-force-2-makes-waves/).
The activity was forked into different separate projects on June 23.
One will be maintained and developed under the aegis of SEETA
(http://seeta.in/j/products-and-services/food-force-ii.html). And, the
other would be developed and maintained by Mohit Taneja and Deepank
Gupta, who have been the founding developers of this learning
activity, and were recommended to Walter Bender by Manusheel Gupta to
work on this project with him in 2008.

I wonder what the reason for forking is.


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