[Sugar-devel] User workflow sharing "Journal Entries" over USB sticks

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 12 10:06:58 EST 2009

On 12.11.2009, at 14:08, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> Not kidding, at least one of the bugs listed in SL's tracker about
> Journal Entry sharing would be fixed with the JEB-based approach I am
> proposing. And once the Journal can prepare a JEB, you just write it
> to the USB disk mountpoint.

But (IIUC what JEB means) that would not cover the use case of wanting to put e.g. a JPEG image on the USB to view it on a non-Sugar machine.

IMHO separating the meta-data from the file itself is a good idea. Having one database at the root of the stick is just too fragile. Better store meta data next to the file in question, like myimage.jpg and myimage.journalentry?

- Bert -

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