[Sugar-devel] Soas03/04 Font Size?

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Sun Nov 8 18:29:15 EST 2009

Thanks to Luke Macken's new version of the LiveUSB-creator utility, I've 
been able to build both soas03.iso and soas04.iso sticks.

I'm happy to report that Csound and csound-python work fine on both, no 
updates required. Very nice....

I've run into a major unexpected problem with both, however: the default 
font sizes have been increased so that my activities, nicely sized for both 
XO-1 and Strawberry, now considerably overflow the same screens.

So I need to add code to compensate.

It seems I either must know where to query the information about the SoaS 
version, or learn where the default font size, or related value, is stored.

I guess I'd assume (rightly?) that default font size would not change 
further, so that I can set one option as XO-1 (this is already taken care 
of), another as Strawberry, and another as soas03/04/Blueberry and higher.

Can someone indicate code (especially the location of crucial values) that I 
could use to accomplish the above, or something similar?

I rather imagine I instigated this change be entering a "bug" stating that 
the Strawberry font size was too small. I like it much better now; I just 
need to make all versions of SoaS display my activities to look the same 
relative to screen size. 

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