[Sugar-devel] Sugar-devel Digest, Vol 13, Issue 19

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Thu Nov 5 20:56:07 EST 2009

Thanks, Jim and Lucian,

Directing my server tech simply to designate my .xo activities as MIME-type 
application/vnd.olpc-sugar made everything perfect. It seems - as you both 
indicated - that this is all that's necessary to co-host your own 

Once again, this list has been incredibly helpful. Without it, I'd still be 
in the starting gate.

Art Hunkins

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I have been able to host .xo files on a web server in my home.   It
was an Apache web server provided with my Linux distro and I did
nothing whatever to configure it for .xo files.  I used this web
server on my development box so I could copy my Activities from my
development box to my XO without copying them to and from a thumb
drive.  It worked just fine.

Now whatever was done to your web server makes your .xo files
downlload with a .zip suffix.  When I tried to download one of them I
got a file named OurMusic-1.xo.zip.  The extra .zip suffix is what
prevents Sugar from recognizing your Activity as a .xo file.

So perhaps your tech needs to undo what he just did.  Apache doesn't
need to know what a .xo file is to make it available to download, and
.xo's are not a standard MIME type.

James Simmons

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> From: "Art Hunkins" <abhunkin at uncg.edu>
> Subject: Re: [Sugar-devel] Co-hosting my own activities?
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> This may well be the problem - with SoaS as well as XO-1 not recognizing 
> downloads of .xo activity bundles from my website. (The "activity 
> download" is not placed in the Activities folder, nor does it appear with 
> its proper icon in the Journal. Download otherwise appears normal.)
> I think so because, when I was chatting with tech at my server about why 
> .xo bundles could not be found on my site, he asked me what the MIME type 
> was for the bundles; I'd no idea even what MIME types were. I did tell him 
> that .xo bundles were "just like" .zip archives; so he did something that 
> made .xo's findable and downloadable (probably gave them the .zip MIME 
> type).
> At any rate, I gather I need to tell him the *appropriate* MIME type. Do I 
> understand correctly that it is: application/vnd.olpc-sugar? (There was an 
> extensive listserv discussion of the topic last year.) Do I also gather 
> correctly that no changes to my activities are needed? (I assume not.)
> I'm looking forward to this co-host option.
> Art Hunkins
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