[Sugar-devel] Please preview my activities (Our Music and Our Music MC)

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Wed Nov 4 23:34:41 EST 2009

I'd appreciate developers previewing my two new activities.

Please note that options 2 and 4 for each activity only requires the ASCII 
keyboard for performance. Options 1 and 3 require a USB MIDI device with at 
least 8 rotary knobs or sliders. And in the case of SoaS, the MIDI device 
needs to be connected *after* SoaS boots.

The XO-1 will only do Our Music; SoaS Strawberry will do both, but probably 
will require updating csound and csound-python.

Finally, a set of headphones or an external audio system is highly 
recommended (I need to add this fact to descriptions); as panning is 
important, as is tone color (and hearing the low notes in options 3 and 4).

Thanks for trying them out - especially those of you with an available MIDI 
device. (I'll look forward to graduation from the sandbox).

Art Hunkins 

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