[Sugar-devel] Problems with Read Activity on XO

Jim Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 12:17:46 EST 2009


I've been having an odd problem with the Read activity on my XO
lately.  I'd report it as a bug but I don't know how to recreate it or
give enough information to see where the problem is coming from.  I'm
hoping you can help me diagnose what's happening.

You might remember giving me a version of Read that worked better with
DJVU files.  I uninstalled the original Read and used that one
successfully for a couple of months at least.  One day, for no reason
I can see, it stopped coming up.  You'd see the pulsing book icon for
a few minutes, then nothing.  I'd bring up the Log activity and there
would be an entry for Read but it would contain no messages whatever.
Totally empty.  I've seen my own Activities fail any number of times
while they were in development but I always got *some* messages, even
if they weren't very helpful.

I removed the Read activity from the Journal then used the Software
Update dialog to reinstall the original Read.  It apparently did so.
However, when I test it with a PDF it shows exactly the same symptoms
as the other one did.

Everything else on my XO seems to work just fine, so I'm stumped.  If
you have any ideas on things I could look at to resolve this I'd
appreciate it.


James Simmons

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