[Sugar-devel] slides to help a new sugar/pygtk developer

Mike Major jmikem at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 3 22:02:07 EST 2009

hi everyone, 

my name is Mike Major. i and my team created an activity for the Math4
project called Hop-A-Round. it addresses rounding numbers up to

i started developing the activity back in june. at the time i was
completely new to both sugar and python. i did a lot of searching on the
sugarlabs and laptop.org wikis and felt generally lost for a while.  

when my local LUG learned that i had released the activity to the world,
they asked me to present it to them. i thought this would be a good time
to make a presentation for people like me that were new to sugar and
python. i hope it will help someone else get started faster in
development for sugar. 

i guess it should be on the wiki somewhere, but i haven't looked on
there in a while. maybe there is a page for newcomers and this should be
on it. 

the oo.o slides are here. please feel free to take the content and
modify as necessary:

the meeting was recorded if you want to listen along. my talk starts
9min 55sec in.

please enjoy,

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