[Sugar-devel] agenda item for Friday

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:17:07 EST 2009

I would like to discuss the current status/policies regarding the
SLOBs mailing list. We have a somewhat ad hoc mechanism for adding
observers to the list. I would submit that this policy actually
encourages us to use the closed list at times when the public lists
would be more appropriate. I would recommend we eliminate all
observers from the list and use it only for things that necessity of
the protection of the privacy of third parties require a private
discussion. The more limited the list, the less likely we'll use it.
I would recommend that the ombudsman be privy to the list as well. As
far as sending email to the list, it would be nice to enable send
access to all members of the community. But I am  not sure how to
configure mailman to do this.


Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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