[Sugar-devel] (Please read) Re: Proposed Trac - > Launchpad migration

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Sun Nov 1 17:19:50 EST 2009

chris wrote:
 > Dear Sugar folks,
 > This mail didn't get any replies, but it's important to know whether
 > people agree with it before going ahead.  So, please understand that:
 > * bugs.sugarlabs.org is moving from Trac to Launchpad.
 > * Existing bug data will be imported, but the bug numbers won't be the
 >   same.

what happens to bug numbers (i.e., referring to other bugs in the
current database) that are embedded in the text commentary?  i
assume they get converted, but it's worth asking.


 > * It will be hosted by Canonical externally, rather than by SL as Trac
 >   currently is.
 > If any of these are not to your liking, the time to speak up is now,
 > before it all happens.  :)

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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