[Sugar-devel] Activities in Sucrose release cycle

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Wed May 13 09:40:21 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Do we really need activities in Sucrose release cycle?

Think about issue with last Browse which doesn't run on sugar 0.82
(but old Browse from 0.82 didn't have needed feature).
Another problem - small but valuable fixes(like updating i18n for example)
deployers have to patch it by themselves.
Or in common, new activity versions in sucrose-0.85 release cycle, are
they so 0.85 centric that 0.84(0.82) users cant use these versions.

These versions could be 0.85 centric but we could wrap all sucrose
related differences to toplevel API in separate package
(I use sugar-port for this purpose[1]).
For example on 0.84+ ObjectChooser(from sugar-port) will use
preselected mime type but on 0.82 only fake(errorless) code.
In that case activity authors can follow this API
and write sucrose independent activities.

[1] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Development_Team/sugar-port


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