[Sugar-devel] How Can We Showcase Turtle Art Portfolio

John Tierney jtis4stx at hotmail.com
Tue May 12 18:23:50 EDT 2009

Hello All,

Would like commentary from the community on how we can try and showcase the abilities of Turtle art Portfolio 
along with the things each of us are working on. The email below came from my inability(due to my confusing question)
to start the thread in our IRC marketing meeting today. I hope those of you going to Paris get a chance to spend some time 
on this subject. This is an important piece of our Educational Outreach and a capability that all community members
can showcase. Therefore, I have cross-posted to IAEP, Developer, and Marketing-please pass along to
others who can be of help to the conversation.

John Tierney
>Hi Walter,>Sorry I wasn't so clear in my question was just trying to start thread about importance of Showcasing
>TA Portfolio-The Journal and TA Portfolio combination for Teachers ability to see child's work and progression is one
>of the themes we should push. 

>The idea that every activity integrates
with the Portfolio is great selling point for teachers. When
>and activity designers discuss and describe their work
mentioning it integrates with TA portfolio reinforces
>key concepts of
reflection and critique and allows for children to showcase their creativity for Parents, Teachers, Peers
>and Community. 

>From the non-technical/developer world I am not sure if it works with all activities. Showcasing and featuring the 
>TA Portfolio as an additional assessment source which allows children to let their creativity shine is an important 
>thing to get across. Allowing all community members to market this ability(Helps or Works with TA Portfolio) will 
>help bring many more Teachers and others into the fold. 

>Having a little session with the members at Sugar Camp Paris and with OLPC France about TA Portfolio and its ability
>to help Teachers and Students and the Programs ability would be very beneficial, even more so if it was recorded.

>Much like Evangeline's and your presentation at Sugar Camp it was one of the most instructive pieces on how this>
>ability can make a true difference in the classroom. Now that the TA
Portfolio activity has been realized, putting forth 
>it's usability seems advantageous.>Just an idea-Spot on. The reason why I give all my talks using Turtle Art is
exactly to make this point of closing the loop.
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