[Sugar-devel] Almost done (Martin L's suggestion)

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 11:35:35 EDT 2009


I have been talking to Martin.

He said a fallback strategy would be nice, and also suggested network
printing would be awesome.
And that wifi printing would always supersede usb printing

I finally researched that CUPS supported devices announce themselves through
bonjour, I got a template which got a list of local printers, hacked and
added functions to it. It prints a list of all the available printers on the
network, and selects the default printer and prints to it.


As you can see, the actual mechanism of the code is very easy to implement.
And we can even get the print status updates locally.

Now, I need guidance. Do I implement this or not.  This is an awesome thing
to do, can it be counter productive to the moodle environment though?
Ofcourse, when the school server is present, code can be written to disable
this functionality. But will this have a strong use case?

and Ben, sorry Cups-PDF does render text as text only. My default pdf viewer
changed for some reason :P
So printing to pdf isnt a problem at all. :D


I have already narrowed it down to 3 steps, so it can be completed within

And if you agree/disagree whether this addition will be feasible or not, I
will wrap it up with this!

Thanks for your time,

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri
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