[Sugar-devel] sugar-jhbuild--Sugar does not start

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-ui-sugar-devel at silbe.org
Sun Mar 29 19:01:21 EDT 2009

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 03:29:50PM -0700, Edward Cherlin wrote:

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> Will do.
OK, python-gconf 
(/usr/lib/python-support/python-gconf/python2.5/gtk-2.0/gconf.so) is the 
Seems I've reported it upstream [1] (supposed to be fixed in jaunty by 
now, but not in intrepid which is probably what you're using) but not 
added it to the wiki instructions. Fixed now, sorry for the 

The updated instructions are:

find /usr/lib/python-support/python-gnome2/python2.5/gtk-2.0 
/usr/lib/python-support/python-gconf/python2.5/gtk-2.0 -name "*.so" | 
sudo xargs chrpath -d

Please keep reporting any issue you encounter.

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-python/+bug/327671

CU Sascha

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