[Sugar-devel] Bugs are beautiful people (Volume 1)

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Fri Mar 27 07:00:32 EDT 2009


We have one week left for our 0.84.2 Release [1]. This is our final 
update for 0.84. Our list of bugs [2] that we want to be fixed is 
medium, I would say - but there are some interesting and some rather 
serious ones. So let’s concentrate this last week and make the release 
rock! Help is more than welcome of course. Patches should be submitted 
following the guidelines [3]. We will review now carefully to not 
introduce regressions. If you want to join - we are hanging out in #sugar!

[1] http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/Release/Roadmap#Schedule
[2] http://tinyurl.com/ccjskj
[3] http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/CodeReview


#307  	DBus policy needs checking
#119 	Scrollbar off the screen on some sites on my X40 laptop
#239 	AP reconnection fails after logout, ctrl-alt-erase, lid-close,
         sleep (joyride 2631, XO)
#427 	Doesnt shutdown or restart, when an activity shows `all changes
         will be lost` error message
#456 	Browse hangs when trying to open file:///home/...
#572 	Record won't launch due to _sha_data attr (among other reasons)
#246 	shutdown operation fails after first fail
#308 	Control panel resizing issue (for non en_US languages)
#610 	Journal Palette does not manage too many characters for a title
#297 	Index finger (Browse link) pointer's active point is too low
#402 	Chat: shows "share or invite" hint even on resume of shared
#453 	if the Sugar control panel is open, then Frame icons are
#461 	Sometimes an activity will not start
#498 	Shutdown/Restart does not work after X-server restart
#541 	Mime type mess with files downloaded with Browse
#578 	Activity Download experience is not smooth enough
#586 	Browse cannot upload activity bundles to
         activities.sugarlabs.org because of Journal name scrambling.
#623 	traceback in jarabe/model/network.py getting timestamp
#626 	spurious storage devices in Frame on bootup
#630 	Journal full message has issues
#635 	bundlebuilder.list_files drops first character of file names if
         base_dir has trailing slash
#636 	icon frame does overlap (favorites view)
#645 	make sugarlabs.org the default page
#39 	Journal detail-view: Information tags/participants cut off
#43 	Mark activity as favorite when it's installed as a deb, rpm, etc
#50 	Collaboration - Friend is present in Group view and not in
         Neighborhood view


(This category will be used to indicate which bugs can be verified in 
the noted build)

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