[Sugar-devel] [math4] teacher recruitment letter

Kathy Pusztavari kathy at kathyandcalvin.com
Wed Mar 25 21:28:53 EDT 2009

Is there any way to boot off of a thumb drive with a linux OS and sugar on
it?  On either a mac or windows machine?


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Kathy Pusztavari wrote:
> I'm replying to an older message.  Yes, I agree it would very helpful if
> sugar were ported to PC (SoaS).  In my area  (Oregon) there are mostly
> PCs running Win 2000 and XP (in classrooms and labs).  Essentially these
> hand me downs, donations, and freebies.
> Not that I like PCs (yeah, I use them), but unfortunately that is what
> is right now in the classroom.
> Does anyone have a good link on how to create a SoaS for PC and Mac?

If by that you mean running it (portably) *inside* a PC or Mac OS session,
no, we do not.

Non-portably: (unable to be taken from machine-to-machine) I'm working on a
project, "soas-emu", to make a step-by-step installer for running soas under
emulation in Windows and Mac.

If you're talking about running this *in lieu of* OSX/Windows, we have that
already :)

Luke Faraone

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