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Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Wed Mar 25 20:45:34 EDT 2009

This is probably a good question for the 
http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel list as that's where the 
SoaS discussions take place(moving it over now).


Kathy Pusztavari wrote:
> I'm replying to an older message.  Yes, I agree it would very helpful if
> sugar were ported to PC (SoaS).  In my area  (Oregon) there are mostly older
> PCs running Win 2000 and XP (in classrooms and labs).  Essentially these are
> hand me downs, donations, and freebies.
> Not that I like PCs (yeah, I use them), but unfortunately that is what there
> is right now in the classroom.
> Does anyone have a good link on how to create a SoaS for PC and Mac?
> - Kathy Pusztavari 
> Shawn Willden shawn at willden.org
> Tue Mar 17 12:28:29 EDT 2009
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> On Tuesday 17 March 2009 10:14:51 am Mel Chua wrote:
>> In case it helps, here is the email I'm using to ask for edu folk. It is
>> mostly copypastes of Caroline and Greg because they're more eloquent and
>> I'm getting RSI. ;)
> Good letter.
> One thing that we should think about, to help motivate teacher
> participation, 
> is how we can deliver the project applications on other platforms -- 
> primarily Windows.
> I understand the controversy with regard to porting Sugar to Windows, but I 
> think we'll get a LOT more interest and support from teachers if what
> they're 
> working on is something they can use in their own classrooms which, at least
> for the teachers where I live, means on computers running Windows.
> Is there a reasonably easy way to ensure that math4 applications can run on 
> both the real target environment and on Windows?  Is there some subset of
> the 
> Sugar APIs we can use to make this easy?  Is being limited to that subset 
> going to unacceptably constrain the math4 apps?
> Perhaps we can explore other options, like Sugar on a Linux VM that's 
> relatively easy to distribute and install?
> I'm not sure what the options are, but I am sure that enabling the 
> participating teachers to use the math4 apps with their own students will 
> really help the project.
> 	Shawn.
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