[Sugar-devel] GSoC idea: Chart/graph-making activity

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Wed Mar 25 10:36:56 EDT 2009

Wade Brainerd wrote:
> This whole thing brings to mind something that I've been curious about 
> for awhile.
> What's the "recommended" way to transfer data between activities? 
> Say, I record some data in Measure and want to import it into Chart.  
> Or I generate some data in Finance and want to import it into Chart.
> Is the Clipboard the way to do it?  IE, should we support specialize 
> "copy as text/csv" (or whatever) and "paste text/csv" in our activities?
> Same goes for transferring of pictures.  If I take a picture in Record 
> and want to paint over it in Colors!, is Copy in Record and then Paste 
> in Colors! the way to go, or should I have Colors! open the Record 
> Journal entry?
Me too!

I have just recently read this pdf which is about recommending IT for 
science education and promoting the usage of office suites (mostly 
spreadsheets / word processors / databases / paint programs) for education.

They effectively recommend that for a student to have meaningful reports 
or presentations the programs have to support inserting pictures and 
spreadsheets into text documents.

So my question is: What is the "official" plan to support something like 
OLE or KPart or Bonobo? Personally I hope that the plan is not to 
support them but who thought out the perfect user story for data 
exchange? My issue is that how to import models from something like 
Paint into my educational application which teaches kids how to defend 
the planet in case of an alien invasion...

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