[Sugar-devel] VMWare?

Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Tue Mar 24 10:38:55 EDT 2009


VMWare recently made some stuff open source. Is anyone familiar with it?

As I work in the schools it looks to me like a virtual machine will be a
bigger part of the solution then I had originally thought.

My vision is we have volunteers come in and  install a VM  on the schools
computers so students and staff can access it without rebooting out of
Windows or MacOX.  We would need to create a VM that looked for user
identity and data on a USB stick or some other external medium.  So my first
question how hard is this? It seems fairly similar to what I've been calling
a "boot helper".

The next question is should we be looking at Virtual Box or VMWare?  We will
need to support MacOS10 and Windows2000!!!.  That is what is in the schools
we are working with. (They have non-intel Macs also, but I'm guessing that
is hopless)

The final question is who can help? I don't think people with VM experience
are necessarily thinking to themselves, "gee, what I know could help
millions of kids".  Does anyone know any experts or where we should go to
look for them?


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