[Sugar-devel] Curent SoaS results

Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Mon Mar 23 20:27:28 EDT 2009

Soas1 -
Does not boot - /dev/root error. I am trying again with a new USB. I've
sometimes found this not reproducable. I thought it happened if I didn't
eject the USB properly but I know I was very careful this time.

SoaS2- http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/snapshots/2/Soas2-200903211320.iso
Boots but does not connect to the school server.  On my laptop its sometimes
having trouble connecting to the wireless. That maybe flakiness in my
laptop. the stick did connect to the internet on a wired computer.

Has anyone else tried these snapshots?

Caroline Meeks
Solution Grove
Caroline at SolutionGrove.com

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505-213-3268 - Fax
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