[Sugar-devel] SWF Sugar

Felipe López Toledo zer.subzero at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 22:22:08 EDT 2009


I have been reading your wiki, first of all, I have to say you: great
work!, keep doing it!.

I want to help. My name is Felipe López Toledo, I'm a flash developer
for last 6 years and I'm interested in participating in gsoc 2009 with
this project:

Copy + paste from you project list:
>  SWF Sugar
>   * Integrate SWF (Flash/Gnash) applications into Sugar.
>   * Ideally, develop a demo activity which could be used as a template for sugarizing Flash/Gnash activities.
>   * Priority for Sugar: Very High ("never bet against the browser")
>   * Difficulty (as a GSoC project): hard
>   * Skills needed: SWF/Python integration

Jameson Quinn told me about the problems that exist with the adobe
player (license), so I understand the use of gnash.
well,  I the idea is to develop a "template for activities"?
I imagine a "framework" with special *sugarized* features that permit
to design / develop fast and complex sugar applications in a easy way,
where the developer can be more involved with functionality rather
than gnash support.

could anyone give more info?
what features would you like to see in this application?.

Thanks in advance.


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