[Sugar-devel] Print Support proposal Final(input please)

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 10:50:19 EDT 2009

I have come up with two approaches:
I will be concise this time. And try to talk less on sugarizing it.

Thanks to tomeu and silbe, and a little fiddling around, it is now clear
that rendering to pdf is in no way dependent on CUPS, it can be done with
the cairo libs, and gtk print.
And even documents are drawn as text and not images, so they are subject to

So now come the approaches:

1) Implement print-to-pdf, transfer the file to the server in a normal
tcp/ip protocol, and never interact with CUPS client side, the transferred
file with open in a default viewer or a one after the other in a queue
(FIFO) format. which can then be saved/printed/ deleted accordingly.

The logic for printing to pdf with with cairo is fairly simple ( I have the
code ready) . Now what is left is sugarizing them, The journal will be the
printing hub, i will write a small activity that takes care of printing to
pdf/ or sending a locally temporary pdf to server.

2) Install minimal cups-client packages on the laptops side. now we can
directly interact with the cups print server through gtk print in the
program, in the process avoiding writing code for file
    transfer. The rest will be very much the same. This will send a print
request to the IPP queue of the server.
   There will be no use for print-to-pdf this way, but it can made available
too. (please be ready to dish out a maximum of 20-25 mb disk space this way
for the minimum cups installation)

Please dont worry that there hasnt been enough eloboration on sugarizing it,
I will include  it in the proposal on the wiki page after this has been
taken care of. :)

Thank you
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