[Sugar-devel] Print Support proposal (need input) Beta

Vamsi Krishna Davuluri vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:02:10 EDT 2009

I see your point, I agree. I will do the elimination as is required, and
this time include a milestones/deadlines in my hopefully final draft
My main objective will be to send the file from the laptop through the
network to the server, have the necessary code for it both sides.(and
ofcourse write UIs). (I'm actually having good experience with client-server

But if I should finish this earlier than the GSoC time span, and have
sufficient time I will work on print-to-pdf, or since I intend to become a
contributor, I will  focus on it as an interest. I'd very well like to see
myself implement this, so I will do this!

So Ben, do I write print-to-pdf in my proposal or not?  and if I do, what
would be the best way to do it?

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 12:05 AM, Benjamin M. Schwartz

> Yes.  There are lots of potential use cases that you might support, but
> you will not be able to support them all.  I am suggesting that you
> approach this as a "critical path" problem.  Do the absolute minimum
> amount of work necessary to achieve useful functionality in some
> situations, and then grow it from there.
> I agree the ability to convert things to PDF would be nice to have.  I
> even proposed it as a feature of the Journal in June:
> http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2008-June/006598.html
> What I am saying here is: conversion to PDF within Sugar is not on the
> critical path to working print support.
> Well, that's fine.  I just want to warn you against putting too many
> things into one Summer of Code proposal.  Remember: most Summer of Code
> projects fail, because the project is too big and the code never reaches
> sufficient quality to be merged into the main codebase.
> - --Ben
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