[Sugar-devel] graphical scaling decision?

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 13:12:22 EDT 2009

Currently, there are only two graphical scales for Sugar: 72 (smaller
elements) and 100 (larger elements). I guess that there is still enough
bitmaps or hand-tuning that you can't just scale your whole gtk theme with
impunity. The choice between these scales is made with $SUGAR_SCALING ,
which is set by the startup script (bin/sugar or bin/sugar-soas).

How should we decide? There are three (well, 4) relevant variables: dpi
(technically, v and h are separate, but these are typically close), screen
width in cm, screen height in cm. The combination of these gives screen
width in pixels, screen height in pixels. The possibilities of [pixels,
correct $SUGAR_SCALING] as I see them are in the table below:

min(width in cm/4,height in cm/3):  low       high

low                               [few,72]  [normal,100]
high                           [normal,100]  [many,100]

in other words, we should choose 72 when there are few pixels. I've
submitted a patch to do this (when hres<900 or vres <700) to
http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/39. The patch covers sugar, but not
sugar-soas, which uses a dpi cutoff.

Please discuss.
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